Persephone Rises (2019)

Release Date: October 16th 2019

Genre: Biography

Unofficial Book Cover


Summary: Giving up her life in Montreal to move to the major Canadian city of Toronto to build her film career, Karina sets out on a journey that goes beyond finding work in her field. After gaining luck on a few film sets, she meets a guy who she first assumes is the love of her life, only to find herself in an emotionally abusive relationship. She quickly gets married six months later, and at this point finds herself struggling with depression, anxiety, and body image. Finally making it out of a messy breakup, Karina then tries to rebuild her life by putting the focus back to her career and starting a small business, only to later end up homeless. Unsure about what to do next- go back home or try one more time in Toronto, she leaves it to fate and how the rest of the story unfolds is pure magic.

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